Mega Charizard X Revealed!

During today’s airing of Pokemon Origins in Japan, a new Pokemon X and Y trailer was released featuring yet another Mega Evolution.

Mega Charizard X is exclusive to Pokemon X and boasts the new typing of Fire/Dragon (finally). In addition, Charizard X enjoys an increased Attack stat and is equipped with the ability Tough Claws, which will further increase the damage of physical type moves.

Mega Charizard X’s Change to Fire/Dragon greatly affects his defensive typing chart. Below I listed a comparison between the Fire/Flying typing of Charizard/Charizard Y to the new Fire/Dragon typing of Charizard X with the corresponding damage multiplier.

Mega Charizard Y [Fire/Flying]

  • Resist- Fire (.5), Grass (.25), Fighting (.5), Bug (.25), Steel (.25), Fairy (.25)
  • Weakns- Water (2), Electric (2), Rock (4)
  • Immune- Ground (0)

Mega Charizard X [Fire/Dragon]

  • Resist- Fire (.25), Electric (.50), Grass (.25), Bug (.50),
  • Weakns- Ground (2), Rock (2), Dragon (2)

Though he did lose a crucial immunity to Ground type, Charizard X does not have to worry about 4x effective Rock type moves or 2x damage from the versatile Water and Electric types. Though he loses a couple of resistances,  overall Charizard X nets a +0.5 defensive type advantage over Charizard Y.

This announcement brings into question the future for all Mega Evolutions. What are your thoughts on each Mega Evolution having two different, version exclusive forms?

I do question the possibility of megas having exclusive forms. What if I prefer the form in the opposite version of the one I chose? For example, Scizor if he gets his mega. And Typhlosion. >_< But anyway, Mega Charizard X is epic. What are your thoughts, guys? Please do leave your opinions, send them in our ask if you want too! Let’s discuss :)